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Naturally Oregon
The result of a wonderful road trip along the coast of Oregon


500 Alma Real
Real Estate Tour edited by Edovefilms of a beautiful estate in the pacific palisades, brought to you by Robert and Sara from The Agency
Holly & Chris - This market has gone to the DOGS!
A tour with a cute fluffy twist. Edited by Edovefilms and brought to you by the creative minds of the Holly and Chris team at The Agency
Designer Homes in Fabulous Neighborhoods
Edited by Edovefilms, this tour features Markus Canter, the Luxury Properties Director and Founding Director of the New Homes Division for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Beverly Hills
Holly & Chris - Paranormal Contingency
When a simple tour takes a nightmarish twist, Holly and Chris take you through their most recent (and most haunted) listing. Edited by Edovefilms
John Hart Office Tour - La Crescenta
A quick tour of the INSANE John Hart campus in La Crescenta, hosted by Clemente de La Torre and edited by Edovefilms
3665 May Street
Hosted by Ninkey Dalton at The Agency and edited by Edovefilms, this quick tour will leave you in awe


WNDR x Afterparty
Videography by @Shotbymarom and editing by Edovefilms, we partnered with WNDR sparkling Sake and Bryce Vine to make this WNDRFul video
Michael Jordan banned Bred 1's
Edited by Edovefilms, this video promotes Michael Jordan's banned Bred 1's
Desired Time
Desired time is a streetwear company that wants to promote their new fashion line. Edited by Edovefilms
FilmConnection Screenwriting Sizzle Reel
Edited by Edovefilms, this sizzle reel promotes the screenwriting program offered by FilmConnection Film Institute
Edge Energy Drink
A commercial edited by Edovefilms to promote the new Edge Energy Drink, best paired with your favorite liquor
Venice Beach - Calypso Break Dancers
On a random day in Venice Beach, I noticed these crazy talented dancers. I couldn't help but make a video of them


Ghost Bike
A class project I co-edited with Sydney, featuring a mans journey as he grieves his lost brother
My Journal
A short I made while locked up during the quarantine to display conflicting experiences and emotions that are all too relatable
A troubled man deals with his debilitating mental state and the horrors that come with
The Door
Vetting has never been so random. What's on the other side, and is it any better than where they came from?
Dealing with her apparitions, Rose defies her mothers wishes and gives into her best friends desires
Works in Progress:
The Throwback (Feature) - Assistant Editor
Memories Born Asleep (Short) - Editor
Another Night Out (Short) - Assistant Editor
Watson's Aim (Short) - Editor
Ethan Davidove

Video Editor

Co-author of the Premiere Pro Learning Course used at FilmConnections, and AVID certified, I am a professional Editor who specializes in Digital Short Form content and dreams of being a union Assistant Editor. I have collaborated with some of the biggest Real Estate Agencies in Los Angeles and stand at the forefront of Real Estate Video Editing.

I'm currently working gigs with union editors and scratching my creative itch with projects like The Throwback and Memories Born Asleep.

Check out the rest of my website to see some of my notable clients and best works!

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